Happy Holidays 2017

Have a happy holidays spending time together this season from Moral Designs.


Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Game

A game I thoroughly enjoyed from the start for its story time experience. The steady flow of cinema, combat, and exploration make it an enjoyable journey of overcoming obstacles. The puzzles and illusions as you search around, the intense combat areas bringing you to the edge of your seat, and development of the character unfold into a solid experience.

A Pair of Loves

A loving mother

With a heart of love

A loving father

Built tough

The passion they share

With a lot of care

Giving respect where it’s due

Paying their dues

Not much for fun and games

But a fun loving pair

Always together and same

Like sweet bears


What is fun? It can be measured differently in all sorts of ways. Laughter is a healthy choice, but is it necessary to express the emotion?

Love poem for Happy Couples

“The love we share

so very much

The peace we have together

enlightened by our souls

only to have it end

with happy days

staying close to one another.”


A simple poem I made up, or tried to be simple, about couples in love and able to be with each other.


When down in the dumps or waking up on a bright sunny day, knowing that love has found its way around bringing together love and happiness. There is always good days and bad days.  Happiness is there whether hidden or shown openly. Pushing on through the day is enough strength to have.